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Joe Rhea Speaks

When Life Knocks The Hell Out of You: How will you Beat The Odds?
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Meet Joe Rhea

Not Your Average Motivational Speaker

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When Life Knocks the Hell Out of You, Beat the Odds

 Here is the book of Joe Rhea’s brilliant story of triumph and joy. His narrative exposes a man who has come to see that his life is not measured by how his body moves or does not move, but how he responds to that movement. What makes his personal journey so compelling is that it is told from the vulnerable place of a man’s heart.

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Captivating Audiences Since 2002



There are moments in all of our lives that are destined to be the defining moment. It is without hesitation that Joe Rhea knows when his life was altered forever. At the age of 14 on September 11, 1984, Joe broke his neck on the football field and was paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors said he would never walk again. What would you do when your life's defining moment hits?


There are  two types of people in this world, ones who fight and ones who don't. Joe chose to fight!

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Winner of the First Honorary ESPY Award for Perseverance in Kansas City 2020.


Joe's Audiences React


"Our staff and team were touched by your story and by your inspirational message. Your story is a shinning example that serves as a reminder to all of us to welcome every day with the belief and desire to make a difference, and to focus our efforts on being the best that we can be."

Bill Self

Head Coach, KU Men's Basketball


"The story you told of Frank White made me yearn for a day when I can brighten a kids life if only a fraction as much as Frank was able to with you. Neither of my goals have been reached yet, so today, when you were delivering your message, I had to experience my second goal vicariously through you."

Chris Hayes
Kansas City Royals

"Thanks for your OUTSTANDING presentation. I heard today that last night may well have been the best annual meeting that Tri-County has had! We brought you back for a second time because you have a very compelling story, and you couldn't do it justice in the 20 minutes that you were allotted last year."

Tom Cranshaw

CEO, Tri-County Mental Health

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